Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This Travel to Manila

I travelled to Manila. I am staying for a week.
I wish I could kill Lodel of PipLinks (for selling me) but he said he will nail down Cocoy of LRC (who acted as a talent manager). Ahh… Lodel said “I should be thankful” and I know it’s a privilege to be with them on the other hand.
When the plane was about to land Luzon, I watched from the sky the Laguna de Bay and the matchbox houses. The roads were not so flooded with cars and I realize that Manila is not all sky scrappers.
I wonder what the fisherfolk used in dividing the lake into blocks of fishing areas. It reminded me of Gary Granada's song "pinaghati-hatian na nila ang lupa... karagatan at himpapawid ngayon ay may bakud na..."
As the plane glided into the runway of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) I could not stop wondering where exactly he was shot and where was he exactly lying as he wallowed on his blood.
I walked slowly down the airports corridors as stories about its controversial construction and contractors reverberates my mind.
Oriented about how some people here could easily cheat anyone, I choose to ride a taxi that which I believed is secure.
The driver was a good tour guide.
He was full of stories about controversial building construction and super highways.
I watched the AFP main office, the Air Force sanctuary and the Marine head quarter. I wondered about that Marine leader Antonio Trillanes and Querubin.
I also thought of those brigade commanders once assigned in Lanao areas and those officers. (Now you know.)
I was also thinking of Isidoro Balcita III, a friend back in my college years at MSU-Marawi who was sentenced to life for being an accessory of that kidnap for ransom activity that victimizes the son of our country’s former vice president Pelaez.
I watched the buildings in Makati and in Quezon.
I watch people and foreigners. I looked at US Embassy building, the Pambatang Museum and the National Museum… Bars and bands in a sweep glance.
In the place where I am in, I cannot hear the complaints of the urban poor but I can see the dirty shores. I listen to foreign tongues… and I wonder about developments.
I looked into Luneta Park... and a friend explained to a foreign guest the historic execution of Jose Rizal.
Down here... where I stood are prominent hotels, stores and Star Bucks coffee shoppe...and I wonder why coffee are too expensive there when in our farm it's brought by middlemen at a very low cost.
I know I still have so much to say...
Just wait for my next blog. They said that we will stand by a pool.